Broken Biscuits - Part 2

From the album "Broken Biscuits"

I heard the sermon on the mount and the followers of the prophet.
Wept awhile at the weeping wall - would you ever Adam and Eve it?
Walked the streets of Jerusalem, of Mecca and Varanasi,
Wondering why everybody seemed just the same as you and me.

I am a very old man - what have I got to offer?
Just a pile of memories,
And the aches and pains I suffer.
And these broken biscuits – crumbs all over the floor.
Broken biscuits – not much more.

I found a girl or rather she found me and love was all that mattered,
And all the ones that went before to the four winds they were scattered
We lived in perfect harmony, till we began back biting.
Lucky I knew what to do - let the lawyers do the fighting.

Now my story’s at an end, God knows what comes after.
But sometimes it seems I hear the sound of distant laughter.
I’ve done my time for nearly every crime and I will not deny it.
So hangman go on do your worst – now all I crave is quiet.

The main reason for splitting this into two parts (D major and F#m) was simply its length. Playing live you can get away with longer songs - treating them like a story – but when recorded they can get monotonous. Transposing the key was also an interesting challenge, which also changes the mood considerably.