Cowboy Joe

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 2"

Cowboy Joe, oh Cowboy Joe, wasn't even seventeen,
When he fell in love with a motorbike machine.
He said I'm never going back to walking on my feet,
When I can go wherever I want, on a motorbike seat.

Brrm, brrm, look at him go. Brrm, brrm, never slow.
Brrm, brrm, Cowboy Joe, on his motorbike.

Cowboy Joe, oh Cowboy Joe, he didn't give a damn.
What happened to the rest of the world or any other man.
He was satisfied and prepared to die, anything you like,
Just so long as he could go on his motorbike.

Cowboy Joe, oh Cowboy Joe, was always on the road.
But he never bothered to read the Highway Code.
But that wasn't why he came to die, he made his big mistake,
When he turned on the gas when, he should've on the brake.

Cowboy Joe, oh Cowboy Joe was doing way over a ton,
Driving out of Gateshead onto the A.
Looked up at the Angel and said a little prayer,
Ran into the back of a bus but the Angel didn't even care.

Nelly Dean, oh Nelly Dean, all the angels sing.
If you keep your motorbike we can't let you in.
Ah but Nelly she was really good at heart and pleaded from a star,
And now that cowboy rides around heaven in a car.

Going mmm…look at him go, mmm… very slow.
Mmm… Cowboy Joe, in limousine car. A ghostly limousine car.

Cowboy Joe, oh Cowboy Joe was a reckless young fool.
Never wore a helmet or went to motorbike school.
Thought he'd live forever, but sadly he was wrong,
Only thing that's left now - this stupid motorbike song.