Lindy Lou

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 1"

A guitar is his girlfriend, he calls her Lindy Lou.
Maybe sometimes out of tune, but she never is untrue.
A guitar is his baby, his darling and best friend.
Though her strings are rusty and her rosewood just pretend.

A guitar is his girlfriend, never known to fight.
She may not be too sexy but he could cuddle her all night.
She never is unfaithful, and doesn't seem to care,
If he plays around with others, to smoke and drink or swear.

A guitar is his girlfriend, it may be sad to say.
She never hears his bum notes, no, whatever he may play.
He sings to her of heartbreak, of all the lonely years,
And when he strums a minor chord, it's more like falling tears.

Now his guitar's been abandoned, it's farewell Lindy Lou.
Ain't it amazing what, a real live woman can do?
Until the day she dumps him, and he returns again,
Strumming that old minor chord, for his broken heart again.