Looking Down

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 2"

Looking down upon the world from an enormous height.
Never thought I'd ever be on a jet plane in flight.
I've always been a poor man, dreams are all I've known.
But here I am in luxury flying on back to my home.

Ooh ooh ooh, I'm going home.

Leaving cloudy weather behind, oh what a terrible storm.
Going to the place I belong, heading on into the warm.
And all my family that I've never seen before,
They'll all be there to welcome me, opening up the door.

Safely back on earth again sipping a mug of tea.
Trying to remember whatever became of me.
In all my foolish wandering, I never thought of home.
Never thought I could escape all of the things I've known.

All my precious memories, everything I held so dear,
I've left them all behind me, way up in the atmosphere.
Flying over all the world, hanging by a thread so thin,
And all that I've got left now is a rather foolish grin.