Looking For The Rolling Stones

From the album "Broken Biscuits"

Geordie went down to London, back in sixty three.
Heard the joint was jumping - a crazy little place to be.
Talk about Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly and Elmore James,
Now there was a rumour, white kids were doing the same.

So he went looking, looking, looking for the Rolling Stones.
Looking, looking, for the genuine Brian Jones.
Heard the name – before the rise to fame,
Went looking for the Rolling Stones.

So Geordie heads down to Richmond, wandering round the streets,
Asking loads of questions to everyone he meets.
‘Hey there mate! Who you looking at?’ Some Cockney geezers shout,
Go back where you came from or get your Northern teeth knocked out.

Geordie didn’t want no trouble, ‘Howay man,’ he did say,
Dived into a chip shop, to make his getaway,
And just as he was a leaving, all upon his tod,
Gave them lads a pasting, with his savaloy and cod.

But Geordie did not give up now and in a back street bar,
Heard that Little Red Rooster, and a mean old slide guitar.
Jagger says, ‘Why-ay man, do that thing you do.
Can’t get no satisfaction, till I hear those washboard blues.’

So Geordie went back to Tyneside, now he understood,
How to shake his body, along with Johnny Be Good.
He could have made a million, with chicks at his command,
But he’d rather play in Byker, with a rockabilly band. No more looking…

Inspired by Stew Rickard (melodeon player) who visited London in the Sixties seeking work. One night he went looking for the Stones who were reputedly playing blues in a Richmond pub. I also attended their sessions around South London at the time but never got into any punch-ups as Stewart did. I’ve taken some liberties with his story (which is also longer and bloodier) as, in reality, he ended up smashed through a shop window. Oh, and he never did catch the Stones in London.