Mumble And Moan

From the album "Broken Biscuits"

Took my silver buttons, took my rings of gold.
Took my favourite watch and chain,
All because I’m feeble and old.

Ah but when I have passed over, lying under a stone.
I’ll rise up from my resting place.
And you’ll hear me mumble and moan.
Oooh oooh, mumble and moan.

Thought I never noticed,
Thought I wasn’t aware.
Thought I was too deaf and blind,
Too far gone to care.

They say the dead can’t hurt you,
Cannot cause you pain.
Don’t believe a word of it,
They can send a man insane.

Think you are so clever,
No fear of life or death.
Gonna get a big surprise,
When you face your final breath.

And when you have passed over, lying under a stone.
Then you’ll rise up from your resting place,
And they’ll hear you mumble and moan.

Took my silver buttons,
Took my golden rings,
Took my favourite watch and chain,
And many other things.

I got the idea here from Elsie, my mother in law, who was severely disabled for many years before her death at ninety three. Despite her painful and upsetting condition she remained stoical, even when robbed of jewellery and other valuables by a cleaner. My song puts words into her mouth - probably angrier than she would have said herself. What many people would not have known is that she was a very active and beautiful woman when young. I just hated the idea of her being taken advantage of when unable to resist.