Nielsons Yard

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 2"

We are the boys from Neilson's Yard.
Don't give a **** if we work so hard.
We've got our baccy and we've got our brew,
And that's all that matters to the number nine crew.

Now at seven in the morning we assemble.
The foreman opens up the gate.
Get our dockets from the table and load up the truck by eight.
But don't ask too many questions - you might just get a shock.
Or talk of criminal convictions - these guys have got the lot.

But before we get to our location, we stop at a greasy spoon,
Cause we ain't had nothing but libation since yesterday at noon.
Swing that sixteen-pound hammer, and heft that heavy load.
Hop on board my little darlings, rolling down the road.

Watch those guy ropes a-flying, keep your pegs in line.
Whatever the weather we work right through,
It's always a race against time.
So here's to the marquee men,
Who build 'em up and knock 'em down then.
From canvas and rope, and not a little hope,
And next day will do it all again.