No Belle For Bob

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 2"

Hey Mr Nobel - afraid I must decline
Been standing at the gates of Eden, since the changing of the times.
Don't need no rainy day woman, to see the man in me,
If you want somebody babe, no, no, no, it ain't me - babe.

Hey Mr Nobel - there'll be no belle for me,
It's just one too many mornings, or a ballad in plain D,
For I threw it all away man just like a rolling stone,
In dreams of St Augustine - a long, long, way from home.

Hey Mr Nobel, still won't work Maggie's Farm,
And those visions of Johanna, ain't going, going, gone.
Farewell Angelina, baby if not for you,
Call me the Jokerman all tangled up in blue.

Hey Mr Nobel, ain't knockin' on heaven's door,
Yet nor am I with Isis, or your bloody masters of war.
All right ma I'm only bleeding, and I got the tombstone blues,
Don't need no prize for literature, though it's way, way, way overdue.

Hey Mr Nobel, can't you see that old slow train?
You may have God on your side but I've got the hurricane.
Just one too many mornings makes me lonesome when you go,
Blowing in the wind around desolation row.