Red Light Warning

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 2"

I was driving on down the highway.
About a million miles an hour.
When I heard this knock-knock-knocking,
And the old crate was losing power.
But did I heed the red light warning? Oh no!
I can't stand going slow.

But I could not call up nobody, coz I had me no mobile phone.
So I took off on Shanks's pont, such a long, long, way from home.

Then I saw these headlights flashing and big old roller rolled by,
And this beautiful blonde leaned over with a come-on look in her eye.

So I hopped on board and I held her tight - kissed her ruby red lips,
She tasted just like ketchup and salty as a bag of chips.
With maybe some pickled onions and really great big gherkin.

I woke up in Newport Pagnell, I must have fallen asleep at the wheel,
And I realised I had been dreaming, my face in a happy meal.

So I got me back on the highway, about a million miles an hour,
And I really put my foot down, and the old crate was gaining power.
Going a million and one… a million and two…
And did I heed the blue light warning? Oh yeah!