Soho In The Sixties

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 2"

Soho in the Sixties with its seedy strip joints and bars,
And this one little dive in Greek St. where they played acoustic guitars.
Some called it Les Cousins and others 'Lay Me Down',
Where jazz and skiffle used to play, now home to the new folky sound.

Ooh oh - home to the new folky sound (sing last line of verses)

Soho in the Sixties, hanging about all night,
In a dark and dingy basement, like moths around a light.
Among the lost and lonesome, mostly playing for free,
Were many a-star of the future - hoping one might be me.

Soho in the Sixties, with its drunks and junkies and bums,
Improvised jazz in the alleys - and echoes of rock and roll drums.
But I guess we took no notice, way off in our own little scene,
Figuring how to play Angie, or what DADGAD might mean.

Soho in the Sixties - I recall one Ralph McTell,
Singing 'bout the streets of Paris where he'd busked along for a spell.
Paul Simon got up for a quid or two, instead of the millions today,
And the amazing Davey Graham, man he blew us all away.

Soho in the Sixties with Bobby, Tom, Joni and Jack,
Over the pond from America, far richer upon their way back.
And taking a big ocean liner, was poor old Jackson C Frank,
Who ended up in a gutter - after once nearly breaking the bank.

Soho in the Sixties, with John Renbourn and Bert Jansch.
And the wonderful Sandy Denny who had us all in a trance.
Cat Stevens, Nick Drake and Al Stewart, the Inc String Band and more,
And too many others to mention, walked in that wagon wheel door.

Soho in the Sixties with a girl named Mary Jane,
A beautiful mandolin player, who was maybe a little insane.
But I guess I became kinda bitter - when she turned my offers all down,
Don't know if she ever made it, coz round about then I left town.

Soho in the Sixties - now mostly all swept away.
Just like the rest of old London - it's a corporate vision today,
And folk singers with guitars are nothing but living antiques,
Can't even give 'em away, down on Carnaby Street.