The Lighthouse Keeper

From the album "Broken Biscuits"

The lighthouse keeper is staying in - there is no way he can go,
Across the water out to the girl, he talks to on the radio.
He wishes vainly, he acts insanely, no one will ever know.
If there is anything to report, like Juliet and Romeo.

Calling the lighthouse… x3
Anyone, anyone, are you receiving…?
Are you receiving me?

The lighthouse keeper has never seen her - he only knows her by name.
But often wonders as in a dream - does she ever feel the same?
Round and round and round and round - he goes round endlessly.
While wind and weather they never cease - raging out in the North Sea.

The lighthouse keeper is all alone, he needs somebody tonight.
Keeps on falling, the power stalling, reaching out for a flash light
Sends a message out into the dark - it’s a last S.O.S.
A life on the ocean is never still - there’s always someone in distress.

The lighthouse keeper is fading fast, he’s given up on a rescue.
Till he hears her voice on the line, can’t quite believe it is true.
She says a lifeboat is on the way - hope it’s not too late.
Wouldn’t want to lose you now - before we’ve even had our first date.

I’ve no idea who or what inspired this song. I found the first three verses in one of my old notebooks (of which there are dozens, including tapes and voice machine recordings) and couldn’t even remember the tune. Anyway I messed around, reinventing it so to speak and, after insistence from my wife, added a final verse to complete the story.