Wait For The Weather

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 1"

There's an old Chinese proverb I've heard people say,
Every long journey begins the same way.
One step at a time and with hope in your heart,
And if there are storm clouds ahead, well soon they will part.

Wait for a change in the weather,
Wait for the change that must come.
Things can only get better,
And after the rain comes the sun.

We can't all be saints or great sinners, mostly we fall in between.
Winding our way on life's journey,
wondering what the heck it all means.
Sometimes we fly like a rocket, then sadly come crashing back down.
But don't let these set-backs defeat you,
Stand up for yourself and turn around.

Now cynics may say don't look up now,
or some birdy may crap in your eye,
Keep your nose firm on the grindstone,
Humans were never meant to fly,
But a soul that's weary of dreaming, is weary of living I say,
And as long as your poor heart is beating,
There's still hope for another fine day.