When A Wheel Fell Off

From the album "Broken Biscuits"

It was a typical Saturday night, getting in the mood for party time.
Of we all did leave – on information received,
Loading up with beer and bottles of wine.
Into an old jalopy - a dozen bodies or more,
Hoping to get slammed and maybe score.

When a wheel fell off – rolling down the highway.
And we poor passengers couldn’t do nothing but pray.
When the wheel fell off – rolling down the highway,
And we poor passengers nearly got blown away.

So we all came tumbling down, in the middle of nowhere,
The old car crashed and we all got smashed,
Though not in the way that we ever intended.
And as we crawled back home, nursing our broken bones,
Knowing we were lucky just to be alive.

The moral of this story, I guess it must have one,
If you’re going out to have some fun.
Do not over-load or drive like Mr Toad.
Or you’re more than likely to regret it.
Take a bus or a cab, then god times won’t turn bad,
Winding up with flowers by the side of the road.

Based on a real accident when a bunch of teenage friends and I went out late one night looking for a party. The car (a Mini) was speeding along a country lane when it suddenly crashed down and a wheel rolled off down the lane. Everyone was OK apart from a few cuts and bruises – the worst part was finding our way back home (no mobiles to get help).