Working Mans Blues

From the album "The Key to a Happy Life - Disc 2"

Woody Guthrie you sang us America's song,
And all the world over your name will live on.
The stories you told us all rang so true,
Of justice and freedom and peace,
And those poor working man's blues.

You sang about hobos down on their luck,
Of gamblers and outlaws who'd fight for a buck.
And poor dustbowl farmers with nothing to lose,
Rocking and rolling along, with those poor working man's blues.

How I remember when as a young man,
I hit on the highway to travel this land.
And though it was far from the old USA
This land is our land as well, that's what Woody would say.

Some called you a commie but I laughed when you said,
All of your life you had been in the red.
You fought against fascists and all slavery,
And spoke up for everyday folks, wherever they might be.

The sign by the road said no trespassing here,
Keep off this land, yes, the message was clear.
But on the other there was nothing to see,
That was the side that was made, for you and for me